Sign In PUBG Account Effortlessly You Must Try


PUBG game is the most famous game for its bug and glitches as you can see throughout the game. PUBG stands for player unknowns battleground is an online multiplayer battle royal game established and introduced by Corporation of PUBG subsidiary of krafton. This game was first discovered by Brenden Greene and the whole concept of the game is based on a Japanese film known as battle royale in which students groups are transferred to the island and forced to fight by their government. Additionally, it is noted that there are so many issues related to this game and its users are fed up with facing issues while playing this game. 

Likewise, you have to face different errors while you want to PUBG account sign in. In this article, we have discussed PUBG account sign in issues and also find out the solutions to how you can easily resolve the problems of PUBG account sign in. 

There are 5 different ways of PUBG account sign in let's discuss below:

1. The Problem of Sign in With the Help of a Facebook Account

This is one of the ways you can do your PUBG account login online. But there is a chance you have faced difficulty when you want your PUBG account sign in through it. Along with this when a user encounters any problem one notification that appears on the screen is failed. However, one message is pop will pop up on your screen continuously. This message pops up on your screen with the help of different social media platforms.


You can resolve this issue by simply following some instructions. You just log in to your account with Facebook on your PC or mobile.

  • Search that account you want to recover.
  • Follow the mentioned steps if you want to reset your Facebook account.
  • From your PC or mobile go to the menu option and go to your profile to recover your account.
  • Click then below the profile photo.
  • Then click the option of report file or support.
  • After that, choose something else or simply click next.
  • Then click the option to recover this account by following mentioned steps.

2. The Problem Still Exist

If l can't login my PUBG account and still the problem is their then when I or you should do to tackle such issues. The problem mostly came because of an authentic problem while login through Facebook let's see how I resolve the issue when I can't login my PUBG account. 


This problem can be solved with the help of the game update option. This will provide exciting content to their users. This option will help you out to resolve your problems within a few hours.

3. Login with the Help of Google Play

This is another way of PUBG account login online. You can do your PUBG account sign in through Facebook or Google Play. Along with this, the recent option of updating this game can easily solve the problem of Signing in to your accounts. Sometimes you have no longer do your PUBG account sign in through a new account. If this problem remains then your need to update your account.

4. PUBG Mobile Login with Email

If you want to PUBG mobile login with email you can easily do it with the help of some instructions.

Follow some steps carefully:

  1. First need to open your mobile PUBG then you should care that if you use an emulator then this will not work if you want your PUBG mobile login with email. 
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Then click the option of basics( it will ask you for a linking method).
  4. The option of a phone. ( Enter all details required like first put your region and telephone number through which you get a verification code after filling it. Then put the mentioned verification code and then assign your password in the verification code tab)
  5. Select Ok. The message will pop up on your mobile screen that your can log in with your mobile.

5. Check the Game Mailbox

This is also a common issue while you want your PUBG account sign in. For this purpose, some guidelines are mentioned in the game Mailbox. For all those users who can't log back in they simply load the query from the loading screen. Then you go to the settings and you get the customer services from there. Once you got it you can use the contact us option for solving the issue of account loss. By following some instructions you can solve these issues.

Instead of that, your PUBG account does not remain stable. Then it is better to unlink the accounts.

Final Verdict

Now it's time to conclude our final thoughts about PUBG account sign in issues. As you can see earlier there are multiple ways of PUBG account login online but the problems are also there. This article aims to provide the solutions to all the problems while you want to sign in to your PUBG account. Significantly, by following all mentioned instructions above you can easily sign-in PUBG account effortlessly.