How To Fix "Face ID Not Working" Problems On IPhone?

iPhone is one of the most famous phone brands, recently the iPhone launched a great feature of facial ID, replace fingerprint. In case any issue raises in this feature, you should know How to Fix "Face ID not working" Problems on iPhone. However, you can instantly sign into apps or authenticate your buying details.

It is undoubtedly a fantastic technology, but it will fair enough frustrate you in the case of malfunctioning in your iPhone. Therefore, in the first hand, you should check that your iPhone model supports face ID or not. There are a lot of causes that "Face ID is not working", firstly you need to check your iPhone thoroughly.

Which iPhone Models Support Face ID?  

Facial ID technology is the latest feature for the iPhone. That's why only some models on the market feature it relatively. Only iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, or iPhone X allows this feature, so you can set up as well as using facial ID on your phone if you have one of those models. However, the previous models do not have this feature.

Check for the Latest Updates

Once you have analyzed that your iPhone is one of the models supporting facial ID, you should check for any updates to iOS. Therefore, make sure to back up your iPhone by using iTunes or iCloud before any updates to be done if you do not want to lose your data.

  • Plug your device into an outlet.
  • Connect to the internet that has high-speed Wi-Fi.
  • Tap to Settings options.
  • Click on "General".
  • If it appears that there is a software update, immediately hit on Install button. 
  • A message will appear which asks you to temporarily remove apps because iOS required additional space for an update. 
  • You are allowed to tap on "Continue" to respond that you want to reinstall the apps later.
  • Check to determine if the facial ID is fixed after you have installed the update. If it has not done its task, then switch to the next option.

Check Your Face ID Settings Properly

If you check the face ID settings on your iPhone regularly, it will help you evaluate whether the phone is configured, which enables you to use this feature. The setting can be changed by keeping in mind the steps given as under:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go ahead for Face ID and Passcode.
  • Check it out if Face ID is set up in the correct format. Therefore, you should check to determine if the features you are trying to use Face ID, such as iPhone unlock or Apple Pay, are turned off.

Solution if Face ID is not Set-Up

If you have not set up your Face ID still, you are required to do that before you enable to use any of the features with which it is associated. Follow these steps to set up your Face ID:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go ahead for Face ID and Passcode. You will have to enter your passcode there when prompted to do so.
  • Tap the message prompted to Set Up Face ID.
  • Ensure that your holding position of iPhone is in portrait orientation position.
  • Head your face in front of the iPhone, then press "Get Started".
  • Head your face in a way that it is entirely inside the frame. Slowly move your head to complete the circle. On the other hand, if you cannot transfer your head as directed, then instantly tap Accessibility Options.
  • Tap Continue after accomplishing the Face ID scan.
  • Slowly move your head around to complete the second circle.
  • If you have not still set a passcode, then a message will be prompted to do so at the moment; Tap "Done". It is a substitutive way to verify your identity if the Face ID features malfunction ever.

Check to determine if the True Depth Camera is Covered

Have you reached this point and have tried the options we have discussed above? Still, the facial ID is not working? Now you should check if the True Depth camera is not covered in any way. It is what the iPhone uses for this feature.

The True Depth camera is located near the top of the front of your iPhone. If your phone has a screen protector that is blocking the camera, you will have to remove the protector for this feature to work correctly. Furthermore, check for any dirt, grime, or other buildup. 

You should check to see if the camera is in landscape mode as well. If it happens, ensure that your palm or finger is not blocking it while trying to use it. If this situation raises continuously, you should look for the alert at the top of the screen, which prompted that "Camera Covered," with the arrow pointing in the True Depth camera direction.

Ensure Your Face is Uncovered

You should further check to ensure that you face open and not covered at any mean that is keeping the True Depth camera from recognizing you. Therefore, your eyes, nose, and mouth area must be evident to the camera.