How To Connect Your LinkedIn And Personal Accounts?

It's now possible to use data stored in a Microsoft account to better utilize your LinkedIn network through a joint effort between LinkedIn and Microsoft apps and services. It's now easier than ever to connect your LinkedIn and personal accounts from within applications like Outlook, for example.

This data is accessible, kept, and used by Microsoft's Privacy Statement when you link your LinkedIn account to your personal Microsoft account. Among the profile data, types are your LinkedIn identification and contact information, and any information you choose makes it public to connect your LinkedIn and personal accounts.

Your Interests in LinkedIn

It contains information about your interests on LinkedIn, such as the people and topics you follow as well as the recommendations you have received from other LinkedIn members.

In this section, you'll find information on the LinkedIn applications and services you've subscribed to.

LinkedIn and Personal Accounts Can Be Linked

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How to connect your LinkedIn and Microsoft personal accounts to use LinkedIn in Microsoft programs and services is explained how to connect your LinkedIn and personal accounts.

Step 1: Microsoft apps and solutions, like, can be used to access the information you need.

Step 2: A profile card can be opened by clicking on it.

Step 3: If you're using a profile card, click the LinkedIn icon or area.

Step 4: Select one of the following options: LinkedIn will be our next stop, so let's do it!

Step 5: Sign in to your LinkedIn account if requested.

Step 6: To allow LinkedIn and Microsoft to share data, click Accept.

Step 7: To connect your LinkedIn Learning account to your personal LinkedIn profile, follow these instructions.

UMN LinkedIn Learning Organization

The UMN LinkedIn Learning organization is open to all current University of Minnesota students, employees, and faculty. It is possible to connect your UMN LinkedIn Learning account to your personal LinkedIn page. 

Signs Up for UMN LinkedIn

When a user signs up for UMN LinkedIn Learning for the first time, they are allowed to connect their LinkedIn profiles. As a LinkedIn Learning user, this article explains how to connect your LinkedIn and personal accounts.

Step 1: Connecting your personal LinkedIn profile to your LinkedIn Learning account is an option.

Step 2: Use your University of Minnesota login to access LinkedIn Learning.

Step 3: Open any course that interests you.

Step 4: On the right side of the video player, select Q&A from the drop-down menu.

Step 6: Select the option to link my LinkedIn profile. To log in, you'll be asked for your LinkedIn credentials.

Connect LinkedIn to Outlook

Microsoft 365 makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues on LinkedIn by bringing them directly to connect LinkedIn to Outlook.

Step 1: On the profile card, click on the LinkedIn button.

Step 2: Updates that integrate the LinkedIn integration features will show this information.

Step 3: Choose do you want to join me? Continue to LinkedIn on the following windows.

Step 4: Second, log into your LinkedIn page.

Step 5: Outlook will now be able to access your LinkedIn profile.

Step 6: Connect your Microsoft account to LinkedIn by clicking the Accept button on the following page. Your accounts have now been linked up.

Step 7: Microsoft apps and services will only display LinkedIn information on profile cards if you select "Accept" in step 6.

Connect LinkedIn to Facebook

Businesses can use social media to stay in touch with their customers, peers, and suppliers. By integrating your Facebook in the same way to connect LinkedIn to Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, you'll be able to expand your professional network.

Offering your customers unique information or discounts and interacting with them personally is another way to connect your LinkedIn and personal accounts.

Sign in to Facebook

Sections such as Favorites, Groups, and Apps can be found on the left side of the news stream. Click on "Apps" and "App Center" The LinkedIn app is easier to find if you type it into the search bar at the top of the page. 

Go to App

"Go to App" will take you directly to the LinkedIn application's home page. A popup from LinkedIn will open up asking for your LinkedIn email address and password when you click "Connect with Facebook to connect your LinkedIn and personal accounts.

Log in with Facebook

Upon completion of your settings, click "Log in with Facebook." Using this software, you may import your Facebook contacts and see if they want to join you on LinkedIn. I

f you choose to skip this step, you can do so by selecting "Skip This Step".

Free Basic Version of LinkedIn

Select one of the two LinkedIn buttons on the final phase of the import procedure. You can choose between a "Free Basic Version of LinkedIn" and a premium account. Facebook and LinkedIn accounts will be linked as soon as you choose to connect your LinkedIn and personal accounts. 


You can link your LinkedIn profile to your university's LinkedIn Learning account to get a more personalized experience if you don't have an account or connect it to LinkedIn. Any time an account is disconnected to connect your LinkedIn and personal accounts.