Innovative Ways To Create A More Productive Business


The success of your business highly depends on the productivity of your team and strategic planning. Surprisingly, the regular company employee is productive only 60% of the time, which means they are unproductive almost half the time. The productivity problem is heightened by social media, frequent interruptions at work, and workplace chatter.

How can you increase productivity at the workplace? We have compiled a list of innovative ways to create a more productive business.

Motivate Your Employees

One of the secrets to having a productive company is motivating your employees. Always make your team feel appreciated, cared for, and like they are co-owners of your business. When employees have a sense of belonging and accountability, they work diligently with or without supervision and fulfill their goals. Here are some ways to motivate your team:

  • Award your workers for doing an excellent job. You can give an employee of the month award, stimulus pay, or motivation money

  • Involve your employees in important decisions and seek their opinions and feedback

  • Make the workplace comfortable

  • Create a good work culture where everyone is respected and valued

Delegate Some Duties

You may find it hard to entrust some critical aspects of your business to your employees, but there are some tasks you can delegate. Delegating work takes the burden of running the business off your shoulders, saves time, builds trust among employees, and motivates your team to do better. 

You can focus your energy and time on gaining more leads and managing your business. However, learn the strengths of individual employees to delegate effectively. It’s better to do the work yourself if you can’t find someone to do a great job.

Use Productivity Tools

Three things help businesses perform better whether they are small or large corporations: time management, flawless collaboration, and great project management. Luckily, some inventors have created productivity tools that help business owners and their teams manage work better. The tools include:

  • Calendly for scheduling meetings

  • Todoist for task management

  • Asana for delegating and managing team tasks

  • Jira for project management

  • Goco for human resource management

While some of these apps are free, most of the ones that boost business productivity are premium. If you don’t have the money to pay for them, you can get a small, affordable loan. You’ll be able to manage your team better and increase productivity. You can easily borrow money against the value of your car. Search for “title loan online” to find the best option for your business.

Reduce Time-Wasting Activities

Some activities at the workplace waste a lot of employees' time—slowing down business operations and reducing your profits. These include impromptu meetings, unnecessary emails, social media, and office gossip. Reduce time wastage by setting an example. Create daily and weekly goals, give longer breaks, and constantly coach them on the benefits of proper time management.

A productive company is a successful company. It runs smoothly, its customers are content, and profits are high. Motivate your employees, reduce time-wasting activities, use productivity tools and delegate some duties to create a more productive business.